The old have fascinating stories

The young have great adventures

‘Dullness’ isn’t a word that allures,

When thinking of their abilities



Entering new ventures,

Is like trying new recipes

Just beware of new debentures,

Should they become addictive hypes


Senegal – saying goodbye (via Wanderlust)

A happy view on a different culture, country

Senegal - saying goodbye After the two weeks in Ziguinchor we headed back to Dakar to finish off our final week before returning to Toronto.  We had our last sight seeing trip planned and that was to see Lac Rose – Pink Lake.   A unique bacteria in the water gives it this pink colour.  It also has a very high salt content.  Harvesting the salt is a reliable source of income for many.  When you swim in the lake you float as if you had one of those water noodles.  It' … Read More

via Wanderlust