Vulnerable Lives

Living on their own isn’t easy

For those in bad health, or at old age

It has a price: Being free

Family in the house isn’t perse our cage


Ugly cute or just ugly? (via FemThreads)

At least they’re real leather.
The clothes are indeed not very pretty imo, but hard to avoid in the stores… especially the half length shirts. @D

Ugly cute or just ugly? Oh, fuck it. The 90s are back. I live in a college town; all the little co-op residents are walking around in crop tops and high tops. Just in the past week I’ve seen more braids and scrunchies than in my first grade class picture. So now, because the stores are full of ugly things, I’ve had to ask myself: Is it ugly cute, or just ugly? Help me decide. English nanny booties? Lenses: bigger and geekier and not chic-ier. [p … Read More

via FemThreads