This morning, a young bloke’s head

Was found in front of a bar

No crime past, nothing bad

Has it come this far…



M7 Group SA / Online NL / / Intrum Justitia

A new one! If you need a good internet/television/phone provider in the Netherlands, you’d better avoid / M7 Group SA / The problem is, you can’t unsubscribe. You subscribe, and can’t ever get rid of the subscription, even when it’s older than a year–the legal subscription minimum in the Netherlands. They’re trying to sue me now for some 260 euros, plus legal fees, because they say, that they ‘had to cut me off’ ‘for non-payment’, when the truth is, that I had already unsubscribed by registered letter, several months earlier. And my bill was paid, by me! The problem with is, that it sold my account to a collection agency. Their name is #IntrumJustitia. This means, that consider themselves as freed off me, and that I am supposed to be a customer of this collection agency–which isn’t true, obviously. Could this be our future under #TTIP? After all, M7 Group is an international corporation, which means that an individual customer will loose any law suit. I’ve been through this before with Nuon/Vattenfall (a power company you should stay away from.) However, this time I won’t settle with written reply. I’m going to court in person and show them this blog, too. Nowadays, the individual citizen isn’t a thing more than an insignificant fly under corporations’ boot. @D

Dear Holland

Here’s why I hate you to pieces

Why I pray for your destruction

IS or the sea don’t have to do the job

You yourself are enough to destroy you

Let me tell you why

Over a year ago I was fined for not having a health insurance policy. I didn’t care for any of this anyway. Against my will, I then had a health insurance plan opened, and paid the fine. More than a year ago! Today, I receive a bailiff order that my bank account has been seized for this, already paid, fine. Their name is De Klerk & Vis, acting on behalf of Zorginstituut Nederland. They’re a new star at this sad gray firmament. At least 200 euros will be seized extra from my account, at SNS Bank. So! Some six hundred euros will paid now to the hidden unemployed. Very difficult to get them back, no doubt.

What’s next…?

The Judge Can’t Reach a Verdict…

Here’s an update on my quarrel with health insurance company Achmea Agis…

A month ago, the Judge of Kantonrechtbank Amsterdam sent me a notice: They can’t reach a verdict on my case… How hard could it be, at all? My previous health insurer Achmea Agis sent me two small bills with unknown numbers, that they claim I should have paid. I deny this, and say, that if they think I still own them some money, they should send me the proper invoices, and close this disproportionate law suit. And bear all cost of it themselves, because it is entirely their responsibility to keep a proper financial record, recognizable to everyone.

Why then can’t they come to a decision. I see only one cause: all these state officials must play the ball to each other. The cost of it must somehow be shifted to the individual consumer. I am their meal ticket. So if I’m wrong I pay, and if I’m right I pay. Happened thus before, when Achmea Agis tried to get more money from me. And when my landlord, Stadgenoot, unjustly sued me for late rent. I had won those lawsuits, but the public office, the Court, made sure I had to pay the legal expenses.

Well, what’s new. Catch up your reading on Dutch history. Why did it take the Dutch government till 1865 to abolish slavery. Why did the Dutch government make itself legal owner of stolen Jewish art objects, after World War Two. (It isn’t, obviously.) Why did Dutch authorities easily hand over the Jews to Nazi Germany anyway. Why can’t I (and all those other people) appeal against Kantonrechtbank summons, which means, that they don’t have to reach a fair and well-motivated verdict. In other words, they don’t have to do their best. It says something about opportunism and unlimited state power in the Netherlands.

By the end of this week, they will reach verdict. Maybe I’m lucky and will get my money back, but it’s more likely, that they will protect a large corporation. I will have to pay more money in that case.