It’s dark before 5 pm

You can enter home

If only we could share it with them

That no longer, outdoors they roam



Some situations, are invisible to outsiders

This can be difficult on insiders

It may be best to understand,

That you don’t know where they stand



The dark days started a month ago

Yet, each afternoon, outdoors is the place to go



Sloterplasfontein 2112201216



What is a monoku? #PoeticForm #Monoku

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Poems for Warriors

monoku-elias-sch-zen-pixabay Photo by Elias Sch. on Pixabay

A Monoku is a type of poem made up of a single horizontal line. Monoku emerged as an independent style of poetry in the 1970s.

Unlike the traditional Haiku, which is made up of three lines with a total of seventeen syllables, Monoku features a single line consisting of seventeen syllables or fewer.

The poem contains a pause brought about by speech rhythm with slight or no punctuation. The first letter of the line should not be capitalized.

The pause allows for a contrasting of nature images similar to the traditional three-line Haiku.

A Monoku is about as compact of a poem as possible. However, even with a short one-liner, the poet can communicate an idea and depict a picture in the reader’s mind. The poet leaves interpretation of the poem up to the reader as it may contain quite a few meanings. Like…

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Stimulate The Other

When a co-worker is verbally strong,

Why not encourage them to try new steps?

There’s no wrong

For anyone to pull their biceps