Would I fight for Europe?
Hate to say it
No might be an answer I see fit
Its hypocrisy makes solidarity stop



2 thoughts on “Europe

  1. I couldn’t fight.
    It’s not in me.
    To fight for them
    Would make a mockery of me.

    I fight for myself,
    Not for you.
    Why would I?
    Do you love me?

    If you don’t,
    I can’t love you.
    There’s no point.

    If you do, well….. 🙂

    • douryeh says:

      UR not Europe (((Izaak))) which makes you a lot easier to love than, well… ❗ 🙂

      I don’t know how I think about Europe, should I have said. The hypocrisy about Russia ‘conquering’ Crimea bugs me. After all, Europe tries to colonize everybody. Let Russia have Crimea, if Crimea wants that. Nowadays, Russia may even be a lot better bargain than Europe, and Crimea knows.

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