March 2nd

An important member of my family
Died March 2nd, long ago a tragedy
Now no mixed emotions
Just: spring comes with diversions



4 thoughts on “March 2nd

  1. Feels strange to press the like button on something with such a haunting, melancholy vibe. Yet, I love the complexity and lingering feel of this poem. So, instead of just clicking “like”, I figured I’d comment and say that I really dug this piece.

  2. douryeh says:

    Thank you! After many years, an event like that, which needs divesting over the years, goes more to the background, even in the case of such close relative. @D

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    Time heals – pains removed but memories linger, I reckon. Peace, Eric

  4. douryeh says:

    I also notice how in the past I didn’t enjoy certain things as much as I could because of those pains and now: I look forward to joys like seasonal changes.

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