It may fool us
It may be charming, alarming
Most hearts are unharming
Of good intention are largely most of us



Humanity is like an orchard
Outspokenness lies in the ripest fruits
Different crops make work hard
We need tuning, blowing our flutes


London’s Walls (via disphotic)

One of my favorite cities on earth

London's Walls I’ve been a bit busy lately, so here’s a little something to keep this blog ticking over. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m working on documenting various aspects of London, covering about fifteen categories, each intended to work as individual sets of photographs or as part of one massive series. It’s not really a serious documentary project, even the idea of doing justice to a city like this laughable. It’s more a use for some of the photog … Read More

via disphotic


When the home is restless
Like during renovation
Sleep gives no relaxation
For work stress should be less