Old Ghosts

They may come back to haunt
They disturb when they shouldn’t
To a ripple on the ocean it’s tantamount
Halt my routine I wouldn’t


Spending the morning with moose (via Christopher Martin Photography)

very beautiful

Spending the morning with moose On Sunday morning I went into West Bragg to look or wildlife along the backroads and a few trails.  When I got to Wild Rose, there was a moose cow halfway up a driveway.  I didn’t have a good angle but it was nice to watch it eating branches for a few minutes.  While I was waiting to see if she would walk into a better position, another moose walked into another stand of branches that was much closer to me.  About 20 meters away!  She didn’t seem … Read More

via Christopher Martin Photography

National Parks: Death Valley, Zabriskie Point (via Another Header)

Great pics

National Parks:  Death Valley, Zabriskie Point It’s odd how traveling to a foreign land inspires you to see something you’ve missed closer to home.  But sometimes that is the way it works.  At least that is the way it works for us. We started thinking about a trip to see Death Valley while visiting Chile’s Atacama Desert. The Atacama’s parched landscapes intrigued us.  It inspired us to look closer at the … Read More

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Maak de mensen het geloof aan de onsterfelijkheid kapot.
En niet alleen
hun liefde
zal dan uitdrogen
maar ook iedere levende kracht
die onmisbaar is
om het leven in de wereld
voort te zetten.