After Dark

Mild temperature, crickets chirp

Many a runner in the park

No wind to disturb

The water, lit by small lights’ spark


Secret Intelligence

Secret services form a state

Within appreciated nations’ state

They lead lives of their own

Away from people, politics they’ve grown



On his attic,

My neighbor has a little classroom

He teaches 5yr-old daughter Arabic

Knowledge & parenting, we need plume


Shakespeare Today II – The Sequel


On second sight, I like it even better @))-

Originally posted on Fugitive Fragments:


Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So doth my tights now hasten to their end
Though only aged five hundred years or more
They’re now past mine ability to mend.
O loss! their colour

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First time in years
I gave a house party
It was successful & noisy
Laughter made tears


Simple things

Like new china

Improvement that clings

It’s the kitchen’s spina



Also when the weather

Resembles October

It’s no issue whether

The outdoors keeps us sober



I found the strength

To finish overdue chores

The last leftover bores

From an era of some length



It’s easy to slip up

Then eat some noodles, cake

And more, then end up

In a fatigue state that isn’t fake



Not often
Did it fall so hard
I hope for days to soften
This Summer’s regard


My shoes aren’t water resistant

I wear them on my boat

The rain seemed to gloat

At least, my umbrella was an assistant



I miss those nights spent on it

The storm forcast

Even sons’ disapproval of it

Hinder some joys to last


Strange Times

This early Autumn symbolises

Peace’s demises

The weather is turbulent

As is today’s political argument


New October

The weather these days

Reminded me of Autumn…

For many, there’s no fun

In rain & wind without Sun rays



They’re not immortal, of course

We all miss them, then

This is life’s course

In our <3s live these women, men


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