Feng Shui

The name may be too much

The place is improving, though

Standard isn’t just show

It may improve with a new touch





Feng Shui

This week

I must declutter

Not be a putter

And not be weak



Nice weekend

Time for reading

Not yet an end

To softness in the evening


Autumn Night

Spent on my boat

Soft temperature

Candles gave allure

Bird screams as an extra note



We may disagree

Yet avoid belligerence

It makes free

To celebrate, respect difference


Great Day

Artistic inspiration

New activity

Ideas for new action

May inspire creativity



Eldest Son

So far he’s been safe

In Istanbul

He’s stayed away from the chafe

That hits Turkey in full



I thought that I’m lucky

To enjoy what’s around me

It’s not what all beget

I’ll try not to forget




Eid Mubarak

To those who celebrate, yesterday & today!



It seems I found a solution

To remaining health woes

Paradise I musn’t envision

Just a good shield from blows


No Home Computer

This situation

Will rescue my work life

It gives a separation

Between work & personal life



Muslims are asked to ‘distance’

Themselves from ISIS

But I always kept my distance

No further task there is




Change in circumstances

Asks for new attitudes

Yet gives new chances

To experience it attributes



It seemed so natural:

My own computer

The place was integral

Needs it did meet & humor



Thousands of bikes it can contain

Still it’s not enough

Outside, thousands more remain

Don’t we all own too much stuff






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