Summer’s last days

Windstill brightness

Very first color finess

Westbound wind has no dismays











Some people make me wonder

What happens in their lives now

What it is they ponder

Where it is they plough



Temperatures of Summer

Yet first colors of Autumn

Soon to be awesome

Time as a ruthless drummer




A nice Sunset

The water

People we’ve met

The joys of any globe trotter



Home rips open my exo-skeleton


Thanks for writing this, Charlie @))-

Originally posted on Cyberpunk, Avant garde, Flarf, Surrealism, Visionary, & Electronic void:

When I abandon my home spirit
things start to grow weary.
As painful memories consume me
how will I know to never look back at anger?
The morning smell begs
creativity wants its place it calls haven.
New areas & new faces
adjusting to spark for inspiration,
but as time goes by,
the years bring me to decay.

My real home is where I belong -
If I don’t return, then I might as well drive myself
into complete madness.

Over @dVerse, Abhra has us writing on coming home.

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Strange or Familiar

There’s a connection

Between us all

It gives pain or awkward friction

When tragedies befall








Decorum & privacy don’t matter

As soon as people fight

Those are dumped overnight

Somewhere, off, they splatter








My friends may fight

Among each other

Also me, it will bother

When I see their plight






Urban Farming

Now, it’s a fad

We see the strangest beasts

Alpacas, lamas, farmers may add

To the usual beasts





Some people like to display

Their self fully

As other people’s bully

They hope to enhance nature’s way






Eldest Son

He left for study

Now, he is abroad

He’ll pursue his own road

It’s not only to study







Year 01

A whole year no coffee

Today, I had a cup

Now, I’m free

No need to be cheered up


Eldest Son

He left for study

Now, he is abroad

He’ll pursue his own road

It’s not only to study







Last Supper

My eldest son will

Leave home for several months

Two emotions rule







After Dark

Mild temperature, crickets chirp

Many a runner in the park

No wind to disturb

The water, lit by small lights’ spark


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